Oxford  Retrievers 


Brooky is also an American Retriever. She loves fetch just as much as Bentley does!


Bella is an American Retriever. She has been with our family for a few years now and is always ready to tag along on walks with us!


Is our latest addition to the crew. She was flown in from Manitoba December 2018 and quickly captured everyone's love and affection by her adorable face. She is, yes you guessed, an American Retriever as well.  


Is also an American Retriever! She is a sister to Callie and Mia.  

Retired Dogs


Bentley is a American Retriever! He is very energetic, playful, and he happy he loves being around people and children. Bentley's favourite game is fetch. It doesn't matter what the situation is; he will always be down for good game!! 


Is an American Retriever too. She is a sister to Abby and Mia.  

The Finest Golden Retrievers Bred through pure Bloodlines


Is an American Retriever! She is a sister to Abby and Mia. She loves to play fetch as well, and enjoys running around with her sisters.  


Bailey is an English Retriever. She is very friendly! Children could climb all over her and she just loves it!  


Becky is a American Retriever! Becky still has duck hunting in her blood, just like her parents. In fact, Becky's grandfather is a duck hunting Champion.