Rosie and Tyler couldn't be happier with their purchase from Trevor! 


            ​​Welcome to Oxford Retrievers! My name is Richard. I live with my family about 7 km south of Woodstock just off highway 59. My story started on December 1st 2013, when I purchased a male American Retriever puppy, who I named Bentley. Bentley was flown in from Manitoba, from a registered breeder!  We picked him up from the airport later in December and we couldn't wait to meet him. We became quickly attached to his good behaviour and ability to learn, even though he was just a pup! 

              Soon after that we where waiting at the airport for another puppy. This time it was a female English Retriever whom we named Bailey.

              The story continues when a few months later we went to Bellville to pick up a beautiful female American Retriever whom we named Becky. These pups quickly made friends with each other and the rest of our family! They all got along great and are registered with the Canadian Kennel Club.

              Two years later we had our very first litter from Becky and Bentley. The pups turned out beautiful, and lots of excitement and hard work payed off. Our history does not stop there! On September 2015 we ordered two female puppies sisters who also came from extraordinary bloodlines; specializing in hunting and obedience training. We drove to Manitoba to pick them up Tuesday January 5, 2016. Like the pups before them, these new females did not disappoint! We named them Brooky and Bella, and they got added to the family! 

              Over the years we have added a few other female retrievers to our family. Please refer to our home page for a complete overview of our purest bloodlines!

Our Breeding Program

  Oxford  Retrievers 


In early January 2018, we lost our 7 year old boy Wyatt (A American Golden Retriever) to Lymphoma. As a family that loves animals, we took this loss very hard. A couple of weeks after, we quickly realize that void needed to be filled. We had previously set up our home for our boy to run free and to be very comfortable. After looking everywhere for another American Golden, we found Oxford Golden Retrievers which luckily for us Bentley and Bella just had a litter of puppies.

After contacting Richard on the new litter, he sent us pictures of the females so we could then proceed to decide on choosing one since it was a twelve-hour drive from Northern Ontario to go see them. After discussion it with the family, we chose our new little girl Nova.

On March 24th/ 2018, we drove down to get her and with great expectation she was everything we thought she would be. Spending a little time with Richard, Bentley and Bella, we knew right away that Nova would be a great addition to our family.

In the following year with Nova, which she exceeded all expectations and more. We are very thankful of Oxford Golden Retrievers to have helped us in providing a beautiful, well mannered and loving baby girl. I would recommend Oxford Golden Retrievers to anyone that’s ready toadd a puppy as member of their family. We are very thankful to Richard and his family.

The Lepage Family, March 2019


Our friend Trevor mated his female dog with Bentley!

Follow her link to see more pictures of 

Sierras golden adventures on Instagram!

After the sudden loss of our beloved Golden Retriever this past spring, we weren’t sure how long it would take for us to be ready to bring another dog into our lives. In the fall, we started casually looking at different breeders online so that when the time came, we would already have some in mind. Oxford Retrievers caught our interest right away. We loved the look of their dogs, especially the darker coat. We didn’t think we were ready yet, but when we saw some pictures on Facebook a few weeks later, we knew we had meet the puppies. 

The next day we made the 2+ hour drive to Woodstock and knew right away that we would be welcoming one of the puppies into our home. They were beautiful, happy pups and their parents, Bentley and Bailey, were very friendly and gentle. Choosing between the four pups was hard, but ultimately there was something about Sierra that captured our hearts.

We brought Sierra home on December 1st, 2018. She has already brought so much happiness into our home. Everyone that meets Sierra comments on how calm and sweet she is. She is also very smart. Potty training was a breeze and she has been doing well in her puppy classes!

Sierra is a very special girl and we are so glad that we listened to our gut and made the trip to Woodstock. We will definitely be getting another pup from Richard in the future!

February 2019

If you have gotten a pup from us in the past, we would love to hear from you!

In February 2018, our family welcomed its newest member, a beautiful male pup from Richard at Oxford Goldens. From the moment we brought Moose home, we considered ourselves so lucky to have been blessed with such a beautiful, sweet, well behaved boy with an incredibly amazing temperament.   A wonderful combination of his father Bentley and his mother Becky. Moose brought so much love and happiness into our home during a very sad time when we really needed it. He was easily trained and eager to learn. He gets along wonderfully with our other dogs, cats and children young and old.  We receive many compliments on Moose, from his colour, gentle manner and attractive looks. 
We were very impressed with Richard and how he raises his pups and interacts with all his dogs.  His goldens are among the happiest dogs we have ever interacted with, and they clearly are showered with love and care. 

In October 2018, it came to our attention that Moose’s mom Becky was being retired. Richard was searching for a good, loving home for her to spend her retirement years. And what better place than with her son we thought?  We could never have dreamed what an easy transition it would be to welcome Becky into her new home. Within hours she was settled and happily snuggled next to her boy.  We weren’t surprised to quickly learn what a well behaved, quiet, sweet girl Becky is.  We weren’t surprised either at how quickly our family fell in love with her. 
Moose and Becky have really completed our family and we are truly grateful for Richard and Oxford Goldens for blessing us with this amazing pair! 

The McAlpine family
January 2019

           For our breeding lines we keep our dogs in top health with a managed balanced diet. Our dogs have great temperament bloodlines and these traits are of our highest priority when considering a breeding program. Therefore, any dogs that are bred will have all necessary clearances as recommended by the OFFA and are cleared for breeding by our veterinarian.  Our dogs are raised around children, and all have amazing golden temperaments. 


​​             Their temperament is described as intelligent, courageous, loyal, friendly, trustworthy and fully devoted. A golden retriever lives for his family, befriends the cats and neighborhood dogs, plays with the children and waits for the arrival of the school bus. They welcome guests with a wagging tail, yet stand their ground when questionable strangers arrive.